The Drawn Podcast

4. Three P’s of Intentionality with Caitlyn Scaggs

February 3, 2021

Intentionality is like the secret ingredient to success when on the road of recovery into the land of the living. Taking care of your mental health takes a lot of intentionality because there's often a lot going against you. When you've got a lot of demands on your time but your mind feels foggy or your energy is waning, life can be overwhelming. But being intentional at work, at home, with your family and with yourself can ease that burden. Intentionality helps your separate the important from the priority. 

Today's guest is the author and creator of Boldly Pursue, Caitlyn Scaggs. This topic is her wheelhouse and I think you're going to love the words of wisdom she has to share! 

And once you fall in love with her as I did, you can follow her on Instagram: @caitlynscaggs and @boldlypursue; and join her Boldly Pursue Facebook community. 

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